Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tooth and Nail

Sleep Training Night 3:

No. Sleep. What. So. Ever.


We were up all night. Port hardly slept at all, even in our bed. He fussed and fidgeted and kicked and punched and cried and looked around and grinned and made Hubby and I soooo very tired. Thankfully he passed out a little in the morning and then when he woke up for good Hubby took him out and let me sleep in some. What a miserable night.

I had no idea what happened. What did we do differently? Nothing.

He cut a tooth.

Gracious, this has been a big couple of days so far. First he starts crawling and now his first tooth is poking through. Poor little guy!

Tonight I will be armed with Tylenol and Oragel. ;)

D :)

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