Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walk The Dinosaur

Sleep Training Night 4:


Armed with Tylenol and Oragel I doctored Port up and he passed out minutes later. Once I administered the Oragel I could literally see it taking effect by the expression on his face. He relaxed so instantly that he almost fell asleep sitting up!

I can't believe my toothless, gummy grins are almost gone! :( Oh how I will miss them.

My baby is growing up so fast!

Having Hubby home this week has been nice. He finally painted the door on the master bath - oh I guess I haven't told you that story yet, have I? The short of it is that the dog ate our master bath door the first day we were gone on vacation. Yes, she ate it. Yes, half of it. So anyway we replaced it when we got back, but we never got around to painting it and putting the knob back on. Hubby took care of that this week and so now I can once again lock the kids out of my bathroom! mmmmwahhahahahaaaa!

[just kidding, I don't really lock them out...all of the time]

Hubby also painted the trim around the arching window on the front of the house and he pulled out one of our front hedges. Yes! I can't stand those darn bushes, and the one near the door was such a mess. The front of the house looks so much better with it gone. Now we just need to find someone with hedge trimmers we can borrow and then we can tidy up the rest.

Something else Port has started doing this week is standing on his own. He has never really pulled up on much until now, but suddenly he really likes it if I will stand him up in the middle of the room and let him go. It is a hoot to watch him. He used to make it only a second or two before falling, but now he can go half a minute or so. He even picked up and put down a foot once without falling over. But more than that, he LOVES it when I walk him around the house. I hold his little hands and he will walk all over the house with me walking behind him. We go in and out of every room, and in each room we make a big circle and go as far as we can. It is hilarious walking him around that way. He leads with his head and chest and Hubby says he looks like a little t-rex with the way he walks.

D :)

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