Saturday, November 22, 2008

Draw the Line

Kiddo loves to draw and he spends countless hours a day creating pictures and scenes on his magnadoodle. I love the thing, but sometimes it frustrates me because he draws the cutest or neatest thing and then erases it before I can do anything about it. So, I have tried to photograph as many of his creations as I can in the hopes of capturing something memory worthy.This one was kind of neat - I have labeled the characters for you. They were all fighting and webbing each other. I think "Spiderman's Boy" was originally Iron Man (notice the head piece) but when I asked him about it today he insisted it was Spiderman's boy. Whoever that is...
I thought the one above was particularly cute. He drew himself with glasses watching his Happy (his grandfather) work on his helicopter. I don't know where the helicopter is in the drawing, but it was pretty creative anyway if you ask me. (though Happy does look a bit frightened. Perhaps the helicopter is flying straight toward him...)

He drew this one of Tyler the other day. Only two legs, but cute nonetheless. He did remember to put her spots in there.
This one was hilarious to me. Tyler looks a bit like a reindeer or something. And I love the hole in Kiddo's pants. He has ripped a couple of pairs of pants lately - so it is very fitting.

Now this next one is one that I drew - I am no artist obviously. But Kiddo wanted me to draw our family. He wanted me in a polka-dot dress (I never wear dresses) and he wanted us all to have a beverage. Daddy had a coke, I had coffee, Kiddo had a Spiderman Cup with fruit punch and Port had his bottle.
What I didn't draw on here are the little lines coming from every one's backsides. Apparently we all had "accidents".

*sigh* oh the potty humor...

Today he wanted me to draw the family again - this time with Grammy, Happy, Port, Kiddo, Mommy, Daddy and uh, Madison the duck (and his little sister/sometimes Baby). So I drew us all, with Grammy, Happy and Daddy waving. At the top of the magnadoodle Kiddo wrote "Family" in bubble letters. Then he says to me, "everyone has their superpower."

Daddy had the superpower of Fire - and he drew flames coming from Hubby's head.

Kiddo had the superpower of Smoke - and he drew smoke coming from his hand.

Grammy had the power of Water - he drew a hose coming from her waving hand and water squirting out.

Happy had the power of...


?? I had to ask of course.

Kiddo: "he shoots it on the bad guys"
Me: "oh and they get all sticky and wet?"
Kiddo: "yeah"


Madison had the power of Screaming and Crying and Pooping

[what a formidable foe!]

Port had the power of Pooping and Crying

(perhaps Port and Madison are the Wonder Twins!)
But I had the best power of all...

Mommy had the superpower of...

Putting Babies in a Box ?????




I don't know about that.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of our masterpiece. He erased it when I got up to get my camera.

It was probably for the best. No one wants to see a family on fire, doused with water, coke, and poop and no one wants to see babies in boxes either.

I guess.

D :)


Julia said...

WOW! S is an awesome artist. I'm not surprised, considering that his parents are fine arts people. :-) Those pictures are amazing.

Vick said...

Ditto Julia- I cannot believe how good his drawings are!

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