Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lose Yourself

Oh what a busy, boring, weird, stressful, life altering day today. So much to think about. So much to plan. So many fragment sentences to write... ;)

More on that some other time. One small thing for now - well, it's not small in my world, but probably in yours. I am officially back down to pre-baby weight! Wa-hoo!! 136 BABY!

It took me 2 1/2 years with Kiddo but a mere 7ish months with Port. Thank goodness. I feel good, I really do. Thank God for breastfeeding - that's all I have to say. Best. Calorie. Burner. Ever.

What do you think? This image is so me - baby on my hip, camera in my hand!

D :)


Vick said...


I was down to pre-pregnancy weight so much faster this time. I think breastfeeding plus chasing #1 around makes a huge difference. There's no sitting around with baby #2!

J. Nalley said...

Aww lucky you!!!! ;-) haha

Carrie said...

You're beautiful!!! Asher too :)
Great picture of you two

jhjohnstone said...

You look awesome! Seriously, you're beautiful (and so is your family). Congrats on hitting your pre-preg weight... I'm still aiming for mine 4 yrs after my last childbirth.


TitanKT said...

Actually, I'll be pretty excited if I can ever manage to get back DOWN to my 9 mos. pregnant weight. HAHAHA!!! Seriously! How's THAT for chunktastic for ya!? Oh, my ass is huge.

Good for you, though! Maybe... is it too late for me to breast feed? Does anyone out there need breastfeeding, I'm willing to give it another shot if it'll make my ass smaller. Heh.

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