Monday, November 03, 2008

I Don't Wanna Cry

Tired baby, tired momma.


Well we have good nights and bad nights - after a few good in a row last night was pretty bad. We started out pretty early on the couch, and after Port rolling around and wiggling and squirming most of the night I managed to get him down in the swing for the last couple hours of the morning.

Kiddo was up with the chickens. Oh how I love daylight savings time. [did you catch the sarcasm?]

To make matters worse, Port has decided to not nap today, even if I wear him, even in the car, even when I hold him in his favorite sleeping position.

I am seriously considering purchasing a bottle of whiskey.

I kid, I kid. I think.

For the past few months, Ports version of fussing involved mostly yelling as loudly as possible until he worked himself into a screaming, red faced frenzy (he very closely resembled the Simpson's Screamapillar). A few days ago he learned to scream at a higher pitch than Mariah Carey ever thought possible - and so we have a Screech. It's not fun hearing the Screech all day long when you have a headache from allergies and no sleep.

I believe now that a lot of this is teething. He is chewing on everything, drooling uncontrollably and sometimes he will refuse the bottle; which he never did before. Of course, that in of itself could be a sign of ear infection too. But judging from the way my allergies have been bothering me, how Port's eczema is acting up and how he has been scratching his patches and ears and rubbing his eyes - I am guessing this is probably a combo of allergies and teething.

But who knows. I hope whatever it is, it goes away soon.

D :)


Vick said...

Sorry you're so tired - hope you get some sleep tonight!

(I hate the time change, too. There's just something obscene about waking up so 'early')

Julia said...

I've always wondered if the time change is really necessary. There should be an opt out program, especially for people with young children. Sorry you're having such a rough go with the lack of sleep and screaming. I'm in the same boat.

TitanKT said...

Benadryl, sweetie. It'll save your sanity. They make it for babies and grown-ups.

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