Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Poo Song

Ok, so now everyone in the house is sick. I guess it was only a matter of time. This sucks.

What is it with boys and potty humor?? Kiddo has become a big fan lately - anything that has to do with potty or poopy or tee tee; he is all over it. And unfortunately, in his typical 4 year old fashion, when he keys in on one thing, something someone says or something he says that he thinks is funny, he has to say it over and over and over and over and over again until we are all absolutely INSANE and about to rip his head off.

Yesterday I made a mistake. I fixed Kiddo a drink of juice and I put some Emergen-C in it for him. I told him it was medicine because I didn't want him asking for it constantly. Well, if you've never had Emergen-C, the stuff is really good! He of course loved it, and later he asked for the other half of the packet that I didn't put in his drink. I told him he couldn't have it because "if I give it to you, it will make you poop a lot".

What is wrong with me? Why would I say that?

Well that was all he needed - off he went: "Poop a lot! Poop a lot! I can't drink that cuz it will make me poop a lot! hee hee hee! ha ha ha! Poop a lot!"

ad nauseam

Same thing happened today - I made him another juice with emergen-c and all I've heard all morning, "I am pooping a lot! poop a lot! poop a lot! Look Mommy, I am pooping a lot!"

Please tell me he'll out grow this soon.


D :)

ps. yes, there really is a poo song. Thank you Scrubs!

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