Monday, November 17, 2008

Gimme More

I am so busy with editing and such. Honestly it wouldn't take me half as long if I could just carve out a couple of hours uninterrupted to work. But as it is I get a minute here, a nanosecond there, and in all it takes me 3xs as long as it should.

And in the moments that I do have a free hand, I am bombarded with ALL the things I should do. I guess I need to work on prioritizing. Because in the process of trying to get one thing done, I attempt to do a little of everything and nothing gets done. I pick up a little, throw a load in the washer, pick up the trash off the kitchen counters, send an email, edit an image half way, make a phone call, pay a bill...

It sounds like a lot but what I don't get is a clean kitchen nor do I get the laundry out of the dryer, pay all my bills, finish editing my session or respond to all the emails. If I concentrate on one thing and finish it, then Hubby comes home to a messy kitchen/living room/whatever and dinner hasn't been started.

Or something like that.

I need help.

I need more time. I need more space. I need more, more, more.

And not in a good way.

Maybe I just need more sleep, more patience, more faith.

Or maybe I just need more caffeine.

D :)

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