Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super Tuesday

It's Tuesdays with Kiddo! [aren't you excited!?!]

I thought I would share some recent conversations and antidotes from my darling 4 year old.

Since, you know, I am always talking about the baby these days.

Anyway, as you know, Kiddo is four and well, let me just say that when I hear other moms say they can't wait until their child gets out of the "threes" I just have to hold my breath to keep from laughing out loud.

Maybe my Kiddo is the exception, but mercy, some days I long for terrible twos or terrible threes - anything is better than the frustrating fours. But, in all of this frustration, I have so many moments when he does and says things that make me smile with amazement and absolutely beam with pride. Kiddo is so smart - and I am not saying that he is smart in comparison to other kids his age because what do I know about that?? - absolutely nothing. When I say he is smart it is because he does things that I am amazed at because I have no idea how he learned them or figured out that skill. I mean, when you have a baby you pretty much have to teach them everything, and along the way you get used to being the source of all education in your child's life. From talking and walking and dressing themselves to potty training to social skills...the list goes on forever. But somewhere along the way they start to figure out things on their own and sometimes, or in the case of my Kiddo, many, many times they shock you with their knowledge.

In the past year or so Kiddo has had a fascination with writing numbers and letters but in the past couple of months his skills have completely taken off. He could write just about all of them before, but now suddenly he writes words all the time and in the past two weeks he has started writing sentences. The first one was "Kiddo not the jail". He spelled "not" o-n-t, and the "J" in jail was backwards - but I was amazed!

He sits in front of his Magna Doodle and thinks of sentences to write. And in the process he sounds out the words to spell them. I am amazed at this skill - the thought he uses to make the words and how incredibly accurate he is most of the time. We were playing a game - I can't remember what - and of course he is all about who wins and who doesn't. He wanted to write "I didn't win" so he sounded it out and wrote "I dent win". Then he wanted to write "I won" and he spelled won "wan".

On the top of a page in his Spiderman coloring book he wrote "THE SAD MAN". I think he meant the saNd man, but close enough.

He is so smart. And funny.

A few weeks ago we were in the car on the way to church and he told Hubby and I that his head fell off.

"I'm gonna tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was me. My head fell off. And then... I picked it up and put it back on my shoulders. And then it fell off again!" The story went on from there; he had Hubby and I rolling all the way to church.

I wish I could have recorded his voice - so amazingly cute!

I love the way he says "commercial". It comes out something like "kuh-nersh-ni-nul".

He recently wanted to try a Mounds bar that I was eating (left over Halloween candy, sigh). I told him it was chocolate and coconut. He didn't like it - he thought it had peanuts in it. Consequently, the boy will not eat any kind of candy bar now because he thinks everything has peanuts. But anyway, later that evening when Hubby got home from work he exclaimed...

"Daddy I tasted a candy, it had Poke-a-Nut!!"

At least he keeps us laughing!
D :)

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