Thursday, November 06, 2008

Port of Lonely Hearts

mmmmmmm, nom, nom, nom....

Oh! Sorry, I was just enjoying some pumpkin bread. Mercy! Good stuff!

Little Port turned 7 months old officially on Monday. He is such the stinker. The first thing everyone says about him is that he is a happy baby, and for the most part it is true. Now, not including today which found him over tired, constipated and generally mad at the world, but yes, most of the time he is a happy little guy. And I find it interesting that everyone says that about him because his name actually means "happy". It's kinda funny.

nom, nom, nom.

[word to the wise, never make mini muffins out of the remaining batter when you make something as scrumptious as pumpkin bread - especially if it is right before supper.]

Anyway, at 7 months, Port is rapidly learning new things every day. He still cannot crawl however, and he shows no interest in it whatsoever. Kiddo was the same way; he crawled at about 9 months and walked at 10. I am not really worried about Port - he is just so happy and there really isn't anything he wants bad enough to move himself over to it.

He is eating much better now than last month. It really started about a week ago. He will not eat baby food, so I give him what we eat. It isn't the healthiest for him that way, but at least he is eating. So far he likes bread of all kinds, oatmeal, mango (I buy the frozen chunks), avocado, broccoli, chicken, pork, all sorts of beans, pureed cauliflower, tortillas, chocolate cake, and bananas. He was ok with pear for a while, but now will only take a couple of bites. The same is true for apples. I have to hide bananas from him - he LOVES them so much but one little bite and he is constipated for a week.

Just a couple of days ago he started picking up things with his fingers and his hand to mouth success is pretty consistent. Right now he is sitting in the high chair munching on pumpkin bread. He will eat a whole piece of regular bread if I let him, so I thought I would experiment with different kinds of bread and maybe get something a bit healthier in him than just regular ol split top wheat. I made fresh homemade pumpkin puree a while back and used it in the bread along with whole wheat flour instead of white. I am thinking of making a zucchini or carrot loaf next. If I can't make baby food, at least I can bake!

Several weeks ago he taught himself to drink from a straw and now no one's drink is safe! He loves ice water - he'll try to drink it so fast that it just pours out of his mouth all over the place.

He is beginning to have issues with riding in the car now. Most of the time he will sleep, but if I get stuck at a particularly long light or do something like go to the bank and the car has to idle a bit he wakes up and has a fit. We've tried since day one to get him to take a pacifier; he took it occasionally at first but he has dropped it completely now. He'll chew on them if he's teething, but otherwise he won't even entertain it.

Port gives the best open mouth gummy kisses! He'll grab a hand full of hair on each side of my head and just attack my face. Sometimes he will even suck on my nose and while that is cute and all, it's kinda gross.

He loves his big brother so much - and they actually play well together. It is hard for me to not step in when Kiddo tries to play with Port. He is actually very gentle but I see them playing and it gets me all wound up ready to spring into action.

This is going by so fast. He won't be my baby for much longer.

D :)


Julia said...

Thanks to all your descriptive eating of the pumpkin muffin, I grabbed one at Whole Foods today and blew all my snack calories on that one muffin. ;P I think that you should talk about ice cream, milk shakes, and other things too so that I can blame you singularly for cheating on a diet! :D

Vick said...

Gads, I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins. And when I make it at home it's never as good as the store-bought kind ...

Big, slobbery, open-mouthed baby kisses are THE BEST!

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