Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rest for the Wicked

Thank you all so much for the response to my Friday post. I am so overwhelmed by the kind words, the prayers and the suggestions - you all have really helped me once again.

This is why I love blogging so much. The community and friends I have found here and invaluable to me.

I can tell you all are praying for and thinking of my family. I can feel it. Thank you.


Well we didn't start sleep training Friday night. I forgot that I had to get up early for a photo shoot on Saturday so we just went with the flow and he was in the bed with us all night. It seemed kind of cruel to do that to him anyway considering how we were all feeling.

My shoot was great! Mom and I have known each other for a while now. We are in a mom's group together and her new baby was born about a week after little Port. It was great fun hanging out with their family.


Out of all of us, I thought Kiddo was handling this cold the best. He really hasn't acted like he felt bad in any way, other than the severely stuffy nose. He surprised us though when last night he was sent to his room for a time out at around 8:30. Hubby went in to release him a few minutes later and found him in his bed under the covers sound asleep. Poor guy was so tired he put himself to bed.

Our first night of "sleep training" went well. There wasn't much training involved; Port slept in his crib all night long. I think the boy was so worn out from this cold he couldn't wake up to fuss much if he wanted to. I think I was up 3 or four times because he made a noise, but he only really needed something twice. It was a peaceful night.

We didn't go to church today because of the sickness we are all fighting. We all needed a day of rest.

Port surprised us though when he, out of the blue...

started crawling!!


It's not pretty, it's not smooth nor is it consistent, but it is crawling and he gets so excited when he gets it right.

D :)

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